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Paul Hardcastle_The Composer of my Working Hours by FilmmakerJ Paul Hardcastle_The Composer of my Working Hours by FilmmakerJ
Some select songs from Paul Hardcastle: "Touch and Go" [link]. "King Tut" [link]. "Marimba" [link]

Today's artwork is the second of 3 artworks dedicated to my three most favorite musical composers.

Today's subject is Paul Hardcastle: A strange and unique individual who began his musical career making Techno songs like his most well-known piece, "19;" but slowly graduated into the smooth jazz genre with his reworkings of songs like "Rainforest" and "King Tut." He now creates pieces like "Lucky Star," and often includes simple lyrics sung by a trio of women, or a trio of men. "Summer Breeze" and "Lifetime" are two such compositions.

I first discovered Paul Hardcastle while listening to the Shoutcast Smooth Jazz radio station through my Winamp player back in 2007. His particular sound was extremely unique in that it didn't conform to the cliched, overused beats and saxiphone tunes you're used to hearing smooth jazz sound like. I suppose it's because he graduated into the smooth jazz genre from his techno backgrounds that he managed to find his truly original sound in the genre. He also apparently worked with a band known as the Jazzmasters, who put out some of my favorite songs of his ever. "Touch and Go," "Walkin' to Freedom," and "Fly by Night."

When I say he is the composer of my work, I don't mean that in a literal sense, like he actually composes my films or something like that. I simply mean that I tend to listen to him and the following 3rd Composer, the most, when I am working on other projects; as well as when I'm doing my homework. He has such a calming and relaxing selection of tunes that you just can't listen to regular smooth jazz songs.

This is now my second tribute to a great musical genius.

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The-Rozothian-Fox Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
The man certainly had produced very catchy music; One of my favorites of his would probably be "Just for Money".

This is a good piece of art to illustrate such a great composer, nice job.
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August 16, 2012
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